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The Importance of Acne Community

 I’m sharing my personal skin condition story, thoughts, and feelings in partnership with Promius Pharma as a paid spokesperson. The stories, thoughts, and opinions below are expressly my own. Promius Pharma is not responsible for any other content on this page.

Living with acne can be HARD. We all know that, it’s not rocket science. Acne is a condition that tends to make you feel pretty alone.

I remember once in college when my acne was the most severe, I would constantly be looking around the classroom for other people who had acne. In the grocery store, gym, or even out shopping—I never once encountered anyone with acne as severe as mine. It was always just me. And even if I wasn’t the only one, I made sure to isolate myself from my friends and family in every way possible. Dinner date? Canceled. Supposed to work? Stayed hidden in bed. Big party? No way. I think it was at the peak of my isolation hole when I decided to make this account—and it’s been the best experience of my life!

I went from someone who was embarrassed, ashamed, and had anxiety over their acne to someone who found peace in their body, embraced their skin, and found support from friends to talk openly! I realized for the first time that I wasn’t alone. All of my feelings were valid and real—and there were other people who felt the same exact way as I did! I honestly couldn’t even believe it! That’s why I think it’s so important to stay connected in the acne community, get involved, and find support any way you can. Whether it’s talking to your friends in real life, joining a support group chat, attending a body positive seminar, or even creating an account right here on Instagram—I promise connecting with others will only help.

Sharing stories about my skin has been one of the key elements to my emotional healing. Because even once the acne is gone, you still (mentally) have acne. SO… talk to your people, communicate how you feel, and show support for others when they reach out as well. You aren’t alone in this battle and don’t have to feel that way! #myskinmatters 💓

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