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Past and Present for Acne Positivity

“🎈🌟 Celebrate good times, come on 🎈🌟”

Even though my skin has cleared up this past year (except for the occasional odd pimple), I feel more dedicated than ever to help spread the acne-posi & self love message.❤️

With 2018 coming to an end and 2019 about to be in full swing, I want to take a minute to reflect on the skin positivity movement, the amazing changes I saw this year in the acne community, and the changes I hope are to come! @my_skin_matters

What I saw in 2018:

+ The acne-posi community became a more understanding place; I think this year we began realizing that not everyone’s skin is the same. Instead of giving skin care recommendations, we started giving each other compassion—which was way more valuable in our healing.

+ This year, I also watched our little community GROW. I mean really grow. I have seen so many acne-posi and skin care pages explode on IG this year! People are using their voices to educate & express how they feel about their skin—which is pretty amazing to me.

+ Acne has become less taboo and people are more well-informed! In the past, there were negative stereotypes about acne (dirty, eats poorly, etc.), but I feel that this year we’ve helped to break those stigmas by educating people! I see way fewer judgments being passed in the acne community and people have become more accepting of our uniqueness.

What I would like to see in 2019:

+ Models with acne featured on IG, in drugstores, and in other advertisements! There were a few ads that showed acneprone models in 2018, but I’d really like to see that expand so that acne can become EVEN MORE normalized! #represent

+More acne acceptance talk! Many people say “you’re beautiful, even with acne” or “don’t worry about your skin, you’re still gorgeous” and, while these things are meant to be compliments, they reinforce the idea that beautiful is the most important thing to be. Acne doesn’t have to be beautiful. Your worth doesn’t lie in beauty, so acne can just be… well, acne! I’d like to see it accepted for what it is.

+ Sharing more than the physical effects of acne, but the emotional effects, too! (And how it affects those around you.) I find, the more I share and learn about others in the acne community, the more united I feel in this acne-posi world.❤️

What changes do you want to see in the future of skin positivity? Let me know in the comments below or in a post with #myskinmatters !

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