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Breakouts During The Winter

As the seasons change, I don’t just dress my body in layers, I dress my skin in layers too! @my_skin_matters

My skin can be prone to breakouts during the colder winter months, and, trust me, holiday eating, traveling, and the dry indoor heat don’t help!

That’s why I’m here today to share my tips and tricks on handling dry skin and flare-ups this winter season!

1) Moisturizer upgrade! While a lightweight moisturizer is perfect for summer and spring, when my face feels dry, patchy, or flaky I switch out my lighter moisturizer for a deeply hydrating cream.

2) I use a humidifier! I keep mine in my bedroom and run it at night as I sleep to add moisture to the dry indoor heat!

3) Skin protection! Just as I wear gloves to protect my hands, I can’t forget the SPF to protect my face. Yes! Even when it’s still grey outside. UV rays can penetrate through cloudy skies; using SPF 15 or higher works well to protect my skin!

4) I cut back on exfoliation—especially if my skin is dry. When my skin barrier might be a bit compromised because of the dryness/colder air, I try to just exfoliate once a week.

5) Soothing face mist! When my skin feels extra tight or dry throughout the day, I give it a good spritz of my favorite mist to help replenish moisture.

6) I remember my lips! During the cooler months, I cut back on the matte lipsticks and instead opt for lip gloss or a hydrating lip balm. My chapped lips always thank me!

Hopefully my tips help! If you have any of your own, share them in the comments below or post a photo of yourself with #myskinmatters. ❤

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