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I’m sharing my personal skin condition story, thoughts, and feelings in partnership with Promius Pharma as a paid spokesperson. The stories, thoughts, and opinions below are expressly my own. Promius Pharma is not responsible for any other content on this page.

❤️ I’m thankful for my support system @my_skin_matters❤️My husband, Tyler, has been my rock during this acne journey. Sometimes I don’t know how I would do it without him. I am so thankful for him and the love & kindness he continuously shows me—whether I’m breaking out or not.

One time during a BIG breakout I told my husband, “ I don’t want to go out to dinner. I don’t feel pretty, I am SO tired of breaking out. When is it ever going to end 😭?? I’m sick of this!” Raise your hand if you’ve been there ✋🏻 To my surprise he replied,” Kali, stop. You are beautiful, you know you’re beautiful. So what if you breakout?? Everyone gets pimples. Don’t do this, don’t let it control your life. Your acne doesn’t define your beauty or who you are.”

Time and time again, Tyler has helped me see the truth. He’s been there to talk me through the difficult times and constantly reminds me not to let my skin hold me back in life. He has been such a HUGE part in my journey & honestly I don’t give him enough credit!

Our support systems aren’t just helpful—they’re necessary. You don’t need to go through acne alone and sharing how you’re feeling with someone close can help you feel SO much better. Having a person (or a group of people) that you can trust and turn to when you’re feeling down about your skin can really lift your spirits and help you see things in a different light 💓 #myskinmatters

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