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My Acne Resolutions

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I’m usually not about cut and dry New Year’s resolutions. I tend to write down a few things I want to try in the new year but don’t put too much pressure on myself to be perfect. This year, a few things I jotted down were that I wanted to read more, make healthier food choices, and be more active! Among my list of resolutions, I found myself writing a few acne resolutions as well—things that I want to improve upon with my skincare regimen & how I view my skin.

Two important acne resolutions for me in 2019:

1. Don’t be tempted to change your routine/products if you found what works for you

This is an important resolution for me, because there’s ALWAYS going to be something new on the market. This used to be a huge problem in my life because every time I broke out I’d change up my routine. Now I realize that sticking to a routine that works for me can be more beneficial than changing everything right away. I’ll still try new stuff occasionally if I am interested after learning more, but for the most part I want to stick with the same routine when I can.

2. Learn to let go

Let go of the stress, of other people’s judgments, of what “could have” made you break out that day—just let it all go! At the end of the day sometimes you just don’t have control over your skin. And that’s okay! Despite all of your best efforts, being acne prone means that you will probably still get an occasional breakout—and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! I want to stop trying to control the situation by worrying about my skin, by googling does “…” make you breakout, and learn to further accept my acne for what it is. This is something I’ll have to keep in mind with each breakout and work on over time!

Share your acne resolutions with me below! Do you want to be more open about your acne, change your mindset, start a new routine? I’m excited to hear what you guys have to say! #myskinmatters

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