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Interacting With Eczema Warriors

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Eczema is “IN.” With new research, medications, and platforms discussing skin positivity, eczema has become the new focus. As someone who is active in the social media world, I am noticing more and more eczema-related profiles being built. This is amazing, inspiring, and shows that more people are open to sharing their story. But how can we take our individual platforms one step forward? How can we create a more interactive community? How can we build deep relationships with other warriors? How can we bring ourselves past our screens and into a collective dialogue?

It’s easy to feel alone when living with this condition; that’s why I aim to empower patients and caregivers to take action towards bettering their health and to remind them that they are supported.

If you are living with eczema, there are ways to connect with other warriors and become involved in our ever-growing community. How?

1) Share your story

There is power in your voice and your personal experience with eczema. When you share your story, you create an opportunity for another warrior to find you, relate to you, and become inspired by you. Our eczema community wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for brave individuals sharing their stories. When we come together, and lead by example, we create change.

2) Use social media to influence skin positivity

Social media has played a significant role in spreading awareness and bringing together like-minded individuals. I have used the benefits of social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, to reach individuals living with eczema from all over the world, and you can do the same! From sharing your story to supporting other warriors, social media is a major tool in staying connected to our community.

3) Join eczema-related online groups

With more than 30 million people living with eczema, it can be challenging to reach every individual. One of the ways I stay connected to my warriors is through online support groups. Facebook has many support groups you can join. Just type in “Eczema” on Facebook’s search engine and watch as dozens of options appear on your screen. Trust me, it’ll show you that you are not alone!

4) Support eczema-related organizations

I have been a huge fan of partnering up with organizations that have the same vision as I do – spreading awareness about eczema and empowering patients and caregivers to take action! That’s why I have collaborated with organizations like the National Eczema Association, Health Union, and the My Skin Matters campaign. All of these organizations’ missions include quality of life improvement for individuals with eczema, whether it be through research, blogs, support, or education. Consider reaching out and supporting these organizations!

5) Attend an eczema expo

Want to meet other eczema warriors in person? Then you don’t want to miss this event! I am beyond grateful for the National Eczema Association as they have been one of the leading forces in bringing individuals together. Once a year, researchers, doctors, patients, and caregivers from all over the United States unite for 4 days under one roof. Can you imagine being surrounded by 400+ people who understand exactly what you’re going through? It’s like re-connecting with family members you’ve never met—we just “get it”! See you in July!

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