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I’m Thankful For My Acne

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I’m thankful for my acne @my_skin_matters.

No, you didn’t read that wrong—I really am truly thankful for my acne. My scars, my acne, hyperpigmentation, all of it. The good skin days and the bad, I am thankful for everything acne has taught me and for learning that #myskinmatters. Resiliency, courage, bravery, self love, kindness, empathy, and fearlessness: Acne has taught me all of these things and more.

When my cystic acne came out of nowhere I was only 19. I felt alone, anxious, and scared. I feared people’s judgments and constantly worried about how others might perceive me. Each day going out into the world it took bravery, courage & fearlessness. I had to move my worries to the back of my mind and tell myself: I am strong. I am fearless.

If a rude comment or look was made, I had to show myself love and remind myself that my acne does not define me as a human. I am smart, creative, funny, a pretty ok dancer, and a darn good cook. So what if they don’t like my pimples? I don’t know them, and I love me.

In suffering with acne, I also began to find empathy for others who were also dealing this and with other conditions which may be out of their control. This is something I had not experienced previously and I know—I wouldn’t understand without having acne.
I’m grateful for my skin because it’s mine. Every scar, spot, pimple, and mark—it belongs to me, not I to it.

So I ask you, instead of seeing acne as a burden that you “have” to deal with, how has acne taught you invaluable lessons? Are you stronger now because of it? More resilient? Are you kinder to yourself or to others? I want to hear why you’re grateful for your skin. Share your story with me below in the comments or in a post with #myskinmatters

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