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Around 10 years ago, I got my first pimple. I never really had cystic acne until I turned 20, just a stray white head here and there. And at the time I thought one little pimple was the end of the world! Honestly, I didn’t do much research about my skin when I was 15 because people always told me that I would grow out of it. LOL! In my case they couldn’t have been more wrong.

I remember using lemons, toothpaste, overdrying face washes, loads of self tanner, and thick makeup—literally anything to dry out and completely cover up my skin. I was totally mortified over the tiniest spot and couldn’t possibly let anyone know that I was breaking out! Because pimples were “gross, dirty, unhealthy” and everything else I told myself during that time. If I could go back, I’d tell myself to stop using such irritating things on my skin and give it a rest! Completely drying out my skin was doing more harm than good and honestly probably ruining my skin barrier / making breakouts worse. 😫

Another important piece of advice I would want to tell myself is that acne is normal. While I know this now, I definitely didn’t back then. I tried everything I could to cover it up and never let friends or family members see me without some sort of mask on. Because I was embarrassed and feared being “imperfect.” Acne is 100 percent completely and totally normal. Also NEWSFLASH no one is perfect! There’s no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed about it! You don’t have to cover up, you don’t need to hide away. Embrace it and don’t let it consume your thoughts or hold you back. It doesn’t make you any less wonderful, creative, unique, or beautiful. It only makes you human.

At what age did you first start experiencing acne? What advice would you give yourself now that you’re *older and wiser*? Interested in hearing your thoughts! 💓

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